Adolf Hitler was not a villain. He was neither a hero nor a villain. He was revolution person. He want the world to be ruled by one single power; power which stands above all, an alpha power. He stands for his people, Germans. This world need a leader like him. This world will be doomed. This world need revolution. Adolf saw that. Time is waiting for a man to be powerful, an alpha power.



Soul that seeks power. 

We that makes power. 

Human that oblique the power. 

Power that makes us living. 

Life that defines us. 

To be what that means us. 

To be what great of us. 

Life defines us. 

Power defines us. 


I am writtin a story for taking film. I may not cannot be a good writer / film writer but i took kind of one week to write one scene. I took efforts for writing this story. I thank my friends… Especially the love of my life for helping to finish! 


Shallows that we are getting in.

Shallows that we drained into to.

Shallows that we are brought into.

Shallows that we are given birth.

Shallows that sucks us down.

Shallows that we made into.

Shallows that we meant to be.

Shallows that emerge us into human.

Shallows that are not only in waters but also in us.

Shallows that defines us.



According to 2016 survey, 29.6% people in india is below poverty line. In India, Rs 32 for village and Rs 47 for cities is the poverty line. Some people who are above PL asking that they want proper food ; where as people below PL asking they want to survive. This happens only in India. We should be proud of our nation but we shouldn’t be proud of this poverty. India is a growing country, so poverty line should also grow. We should make India a better place to live not to survive! 

Hearts and Wisdom! 

Wisdom of truth. 

That makes us an immoral being in our dormant. 

Wisdom take us to a different dimensional void. 

And wisdom was decoded from the heart. 


Universe is made up of millions and millions of stars, hence we didnt even once looked up for magnificent made by them. Astrologers says that stars show their beautiness even after they die. We were made up of same elements as stars are made up of. Hence we didnt sarcasm about it. 

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